SBIG SG-4 Autoguider


I have to begun as autoguider the SBIG SG 4, my mount is a Temma 200 by Takahashi and the software to take the photos that I used is SGpro.
To calibrate with the polar I use the Polarmaster.
Then yesterday I wanted to take NGC 7000 and I program the sequence in the SGpro. The time of every photo was 10 minutes, I was surprised because the stars appear not as a ball instead I can realized that they were small lines.
Apparently the Sbig was working properly with his software, as I know the SG4 can’t be integrated with the SGpro software, could be this one of the problems??
I’m really lost because theorically It can work independent connected to the mount (I done also, and operates fine, but the result was the same)!! lines!!!.
The SG4 was blinking the green led and apparently working fine.
has anybody work with the SG-4 Autog