SBIG ST-7E compatibility


I was wondering if my SBG ST-7E camera is compatible with the SGpro software. It is very old and connects to the computer via a parallel port. It has a sensor for autoguiding as well as a sensor for taking pictures.

I also have a MaxFilter 2" automated filter slider, so is this compatible?



Do you have it working with any other software? As far as I can tell the MaxFilter 2" doesn’t have ASCOM drivers and wouldn’t work without them. It looks like it was purpose built for some other software program? (It just says SBIG software) in the manual.

I would probably recommend sticking with their software these oldies.

I would recommend starting a trial if you haven’t already. The camera should work fine. You’ll need to grab the SGP API Guider from out release page and use that as the camera in PHD. The SGP API Guider creates a bridge to SGP (SBIG only allows one application to connect to your camera).

It sounds like the MaxFilter is controlled directly through your ST-7E, if that’s the case it should expose itself just like any normal SBIG filter wheel and work just fine.


Thanks for the responses.

I do have the equipment working with the (now archived) SBIG “CCDops” software version for parallel port cameras. I just find it annoying because I have to use a separate application to control my telescope mount. It is difficult to find software for the ST-7E, because it requires a different, outdated driver to modern SBIG cameras. However, I will give it a go in the trial version!

In order to get the MaxFilter 2" filter wheel to work in CCDops you have to select a different filter wheel model - CFW-6A and CFW-8 work fine. I will try a similar thing in the SGPro trial.



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