SBIG (ST-8300) Slow Downloads

I’ve noticed this since I started using SGP. I’m using now. Image download times for my SBIG ST-8300M are slow (compared to other camera control applications). So, I decided to get some actual numbers:

100% binned 3x3 = 4.6 s
100% binned 1x1 = 10.8 s
600x600 frame, binned 3x3 = 3.5 s

During image capture, a few extra seconds here and there aren’t a big deal, but having to wait 3.5 seconds for a focus image to download is frustrating. I manually focus, so it’s: adjust, wait…wait…wait…, image updates, adjust, wait…wait…wait…

I tried other software including the application that comes with the camera and see much better download times:

100% binned 1x1 = 7.5 s
542x360 frame, binned 3x3 = 1.2 s

I’ve tested with the “High Speed Download” on and off. Same download times.

I’d really hate to have to use a different application to capture focus images because you have to disconnect the camera.

Any thoughts?

Could it be related to SGP searching the image for stars? Maybe try to set find star method to fast in the options.

It’s likely image history which is taking some time. Disabling that should help if it’s enabled. There are also some general “image pipeline” improvements we need to make as well.


Image history is disabled. I look forward to future performance

I think that some of the download speed problem is intrinsic to the ST-8300 electronics. I run both an ST-8300 and STF-8050, my 8300 download speeds are similar to what @barryetter is seeing but the 8050 downloads full images in less than 2 seconds using the same SGP setup.

It has been so long since I used anything other than SGP that I’ve forgotten what my download speeds were with other software but I don’t remember the ST-8300 ever being a real speed demon.

I know the STF version of the 8300 has improved download times, but that’s
why I tried different programs on the same PC, same camera, same cables,
etc. and the other programs are much faster than SGP.