SBIG ST2000XM connection to PHD2

Hi !

I am using SBG ST2000XM with internal guider and would like to ask the following questiones :

  1. First I should start SGP 3.00 ?
  2. Skall I connect camera and filterwheel and mount here in SGP or should I start PHD2 first ?
  3. If I connect camera and filterwheel in SGP then it is impossible to connect the camera in PHD2 !

I would like to use the internal guider in ST2000XM.
I have downloaded the module for this but is it working in the background because I dont see it.
I can see the PHD2 graph.

I must be doing something wrong here.

In PHD2 Connection setting should I point it to "Program files(x86)\PHDGuiding2 ?
And PHDequipment profiles can I name it as I wish ? lika SBIG Cameraprofilephd ?

I have also enabled, in PHD" Connect Actions the two boxes “Open and connect, Disconnect”

In what order should I do these thing to get it all going ?

Kind regards
Timo Nordberg

For this it makes no difference.

You will connect the camera and filter wheel in SGP. In the SBIG settings you’ll need to pick which guide chip to connect to (if you have more than one)

Correct, this is because only one application can connect to the camera at any given time. So to get around this you’ll need to download and use the SGP API Guider from our downloads page and connect that in PHD2.

For more info please see here:

Hope that helps,

Hi Jared !

Thank you for your help !
My problem is that I cant find SGP API guider on the my computer :frowning:
I have downloaded it. Should it be pointed to be stored as its own file
among the PHD2 files or should it be among the SGP files ?

Erik Nordberg

You need to download it and install it. It will create an ASCOM Camera that you can select from within PHD.


Thanks for all responses !
Case closed and solved :wink: