Sbig STi/8300m

Having an issue using sbig STi and 8300 with phd2 and sgp. I seem to have to do the autoguiding outside of sgp or maybe go into PhD and connect the STi before starting sequence…any ideas? I’m noob :wink:

Also plate solving did well when moving the exposure to 30 sec but not less

Help if you can!

Thanks Dan Higgins

Es127 Triplet
Orion Atlas EQ/G
Sbig 8300m with Sbig 8 Position Filter Wheel and Sbig OAG with STi Autoguider and KISS Focuser


You might want to include the log. Screen shots of the phd2 and sgp control windows might help also.

Your plate solves should not take that long. 2-4 sec. maximum. Also, Phd2 has to be connected before you start a session. How is your focus with sgp working?

Unless you are do solves thru narrowband filters (which you should not), Gunny is right, should not take more than a few seconds exposure.

As far as Sti guiding, since that is a separate camera, you just select SBIG in PhD setup. The guiding is not set up in SGP except to specify PhD2 as the guiding Software and set the dither size etc. Of course you have to connect the guide camera and mount to PhD before starting.


Yes I am solving through a luminance filter…perhaps a no filter slot…I have 3 with 4 with nothing…I also have a streetlight right in front of my house lol

Luminance filter should be fine.

To further clarify on the time for platesolving - if it is the first solve of the evening (or after reset of equipment config etc) my solve is often a lot longer than a few seconds - sometimes evening eventually failing over to But after that first solve, PS2 usually solves within a few seconds. That’s my experience at least.

Streetlight may explain the req’m for longer platesolve exposure. You could also try binning the platesolve images (2x2, 3x3), instead of longer exposure.