SBIG STL-11000M Camera & FW8-STL Filter Wheel Connection

Hello All,

I have had the software for some time but not done anything with it. Now I would like to replace my current observatory software with SGPro.

My issue is where can I find the drivers to allow an SBIG STL-11000M and the external FW8-STL filter wheel to connect. Or if someone has this configuration perhaps the share with me some screen grabs of the settings to get this combination up and running.




SGPro does not use any sort of special software to connect with SBIG gear. Just the normal drivers obtained through SBIG’s “SBIGDriverChecker64” application are fine.

Thank you for the help Ken, I appreciate it and will give it a go.



Well I followed the advice and I couldn’t drive the filter wheel. MaximDL works with it and the SBIG software drives it but SGPro would not move or recognise the filter wheel.
Just for clarification I have this bolted onto the front of the STL camera and connected by a short lead into the camera. No other connections are used.

The driver checker said everything is at the latest.
I can’t see this particular filter wheel in SGPro pull down list to pick.

Any further thoughts.

“SBIG Filter Wheel” should be what you’re after. Just leave the driver settings as “Auto Detect”.

If that’s not working please attempt to connect/move the filter wheel and send over the logs. You can find more info here:



I have followed your advice and looked through the documentation that is provided with the program. It tells me to leave the detection of the filter wheel onto auto detect which I have done. It still did not find the filter wheel.
I looked through the forum as directed and the only mention of the FS8-STL is my posts. So I have progressed no further.
The filter wheel is connected directly to the camera using the I2C Aux port not the RS-232 port.
Its not in the list of SBIG filters listed in the SBIG filter wheel list.
I have no further idea’s on how to progress at the moment.


It appears that now the filter wheel works. What I did was select auto detect which appeared not to do anything and manually enter all the filters.
I then clicked the button within the manual filter set to select one and it moved.
After this the sequence recognised the filters and allowed automated change.
But it doesn’t give the correct type of filter wheel but it all works now.


I have the same problem, MaximDL and CCDOps recognize the Filter wheel BUT the SGP not.

Settings are

AutoDetect because there isn’t the FW8-STL in the list

Can you help me?

Have you tried “CFW-8”, “CFW-L” and “CFW-L8 (Standard)”? The SBIG docs we have access to do not indicate which protocol that CFW conforms to.

Hi Ken,
Resolved right now.

I need before connect the Camera after connect the Filter Wheel as Simulator disconnect and connect Sbig Filter Wheel auto detect.

Now the Filter wheel works but always when the software start I need to do this procedure
Perhaps is a bug?

Unless I misunderstand you, any camera attached CFW will always require that the camera is connected first.

Of course but what I meant after the camera connection was established, I must first connect the FilterWheel as Simulation and after the Sbig Filter Wheel (Auto Detect) without this passage the software does not detect the Filter wheel

Do you mean the ASCOM Sim?