Screen Image Issues and Features

First, I love SGP and have found that the more I’ve used it, the less problems I have. Most of my early issues were my fault.

Second. I support your new subscription pricing. You deserve more for your efforts!

I do want to mention two issues.

  1. I am using a large chip ASI6200 with lots of deoth and lots of pixels. When I swipe the image up (darker or down (lighter) it takes a long time to restretch the image. There is no indication that the strech is occurring by nothing (Menues,and Setting) work during this time. There should be an indicator that the window is in the process of redrawing.

  2. I notice on the auto focuser window “…not responding” shows for in instant after each image if analyzed. Very scary.

Screen Shot 2020-10-09 at 11.42.27 PM|632x600

Finally a feature (Be able to subtract a flat from incoming image. Be able to “on the fly” integration

Thank you for your support! Both 1 and 2 are somewhat related. They’re both because we’re doing the analysis in the UI thread (not where it belongs) for the most part this is pretty fast but with very large images it can take a bit and cause the UI to stutter. These are definitely some things we need to address and I hope to find time to address them and some other performance issues in the near future.

As for the “on the fly” integration I don’t think this is something we’d end up adding. We want SGP to stay a “capture only” application and not have any processing.


If you have ASTAP installed on your system, you can use it for real-time stacking and integration. Not sure if it will do stacking and plate solving simultaneously though; perhaps Han can answer that one. And when the target changes you’d have to point ASTAP to the new folder. And it would stack all the images in the folder, irrespective of filter type. Not a perfect solution, but useable.