Screen layout issues

When I load an image either via the camera or from a file the image is centered left to right. This is a very inconvenient place since it tends to be under the other SEQ dialogs. I would prefer to see the image loaded with the upper left corner of the image in the upper left corner of the window. Because of this issue, I tried resizing the main window to be able to place the image as I wanted but I found that when your make a narrow window SEQ starts messing up the drawing the footer items by drawing items on top of each other. To reproduce, make the main window tall and skinny.

Personally, I never look at the images anymore, just check them in one of the quality check programs. They can see things the eye cannot. As far as object positioning, that is best done by coordinate or reference image ahead of time, not by test images as it saves time and is more accurate. If one really must see the whole image I would suggest multiple monitors, a basic monitor is less than SGP these days - but to be honest, SGP is as poor at displaying images as it is great for taking them - it is not made for display, really.

You can close the sequencer and control panel if you don’t want them on top of your image. you can also dock any of the modules on the side to get them out of the way.


The issue is especially prevalent when doing a focus run while aligning the telescope so closing and or docking the windows doesn’t solve the problem of having the image in the wrong spot. At the very least please fix the footer layout when the window is narrow so it is usable.

To be completely honest I’m not entirely sure what the actual problem is that you’re describing. Maybe you could include a screen shot?


Looking at the 3 issues you’ve submitted I’m thinking these are all due to font scaling which we currently don’t support.

Can you verify that your scaling is set to 100%?


I replied to this by email so I’m adding it here to document the response. I am NOT using scaling so that is not the issue. Note I am using Windows 8.1 in case that makes a difference.

Can you post a screen shot of what you’re seeing? SGP has been tested extensively with Windows 8.1 (Ken and I are both running it on our development and imaging machines).


I can not do a screen capture of the marque. The marque is offset up and to the left of the cursor by a considerable amount (maybe 100 to 150 pixels). Is there some other way to debug this?

We don’t really understand what you mean by marquee and we can’t really be of much assistance unless you can provide an image of what you are seeing.

In Windows 7 and later, there is a tool called “Snipping Tool”. Hit the start button and type that. Then, using that tool, draw a rectangle around SGPro so you can show us most of what is wrong. You should be able to post that image right here in the forum.


The marque is the dotted line box that is drawn as you drag the mouse cursor. So in my case the dotted line box is drawn offset from the mouse. If you really insist I will have to make a video because I have never found a way to capture a marque as it is being drawn. I think is because the mouse is captured during the draw.

We don’t need a video… you just never really stated what the problem is. I think I am starting to understand that it has to do with selecting a FoV in the Mosaic and Framing Wizard or selecting a sub-frame in frame and focus? Please clarify.

Sorry I’ve confused two threads I’ve got going - this thread has nothing to do with a marque. So Let me see if I can put together some screen shots to show my issue.

Ok, lets get this thread back to basics. Here is a screen dump of my original issue:

Since the image is in the center of the window it makes it difficult to see the image and the other windows at the same time. My request was to move the image to the left which would make it easier to also place other windows.

The second issue I mentioned was to avoid the first issue I resized the main window like this:

Notice the footer from under the image is being written on top of the “Ready …” message (lower left corner)
As the window is resized smaller the image footers run over the top the ready message.

I’m using Windows 8.1 and the settings window looks different than what you sent. There is a slider for size the goes from smaller to larger. It is set in the middle which is the “Recommend Size”.