Script executing .EXE or .BAT

Hello everybody,
I’m trying to automate my dome with SGP. In order to address my own hardware and control it via RS232 / USB, I would like to use the script option from SGP. I use .EXE or .Bat files to control my software. It seems to me that these files are not executed. An error message did not appear either. Hence the question: Can I use the types mentioned above as a script file or is VB an obligation?
Thank you very much

Useful Info
I want to use my self-made devices: Relaybox, Telescope Flaps with included Flatbox .

OS: Win10

You can use .exe, .bat, .cmd, and .vbs.


Thanks a lot, Jared

I thought that, but it won’t work. The Software used as script is working fine for itself, but started from SGP it looks that it is not executed at all.
Does it have to be started from a special location? My location is a separate folder.
I select the “script file” in the event settings.
at e.g.

C:\Users\Public\Software\C2Ser.exe 3 38400 !Of# CL D

With the last “D” a Debug screen should appear, but nothing happens.

Do you see anything wrong on my side?
Thank you

Is there anybody out there using SGP with .EXE o .BAT as Script?
How are you using it?

I am not able to bring it to work.
Maybe it is important, i am using the Demo version!
Regards, Werner

It doesn’t need to be any place special…but SGP needs to be able to access it. So in your user folder or your documents should be a safe place. If you need to pass arguments then you’re better off using a bat/cmd file. I don’t think arguments would get passed if using an EXE but I haven’t tried that.

I did just check that a bat script would work. Just created a simple script that opened the calculator and it was executed and the calculator popped up.

Where are you attempting to have the script called?

Trial should not matter.


The call is for sample

the folder is not restricted

Where in SGP are you attempting to execute this script? There are a couple of different places you can execute scripts.

Or if you can just upload a log that would be better: