Scripting a Target list: What is best to use for SGP?


I’m Jim from Australia and just bought SGP. and what a program it is!

While not familiar with all its doings, it will take me some time to wade through it all.

One question I do have just now, what is the best way to list up to say, 100 objects so SGP can run them?

Jared says AstroPlanner. Anyone vouch for that? Are there any other similar programs better than that?

Up till now, I’ve been using ObsMng which uses AstroArt5 for my script runs which BTW, the former does plate solves. So now I want to use SGP, as it has a lot more user-friendly system than AA5.

Aside, I use have three mounts: G11, Titan 50 and an EQ8. All use ASCOM drivers. I hate this Gem Ii software.

I do have TSX Pro too, but not sure if SGP can work with TSX Pro. If so, how and what advantages is there if I do?

Thanks guys,


Hi Jim,

If you import 100 targets into SGPro make sure you have a decent amount of
RAM free on the machine.

We have honestly never tested SGPro for that many targets. Opening this
sequence may also take several minutes.

It is on our to do list to make targets less ram intensive, but very few
users need SGPro to behave this way.