Scripting questions

Hi everyone, i have some questions about pre/post event scripts.

the PDF documentation says that EXE and VBS files are supported, however, when i try to open a script, apparently only VB files are supported. are EXE files really supported? i pointed to a directory with a bunch of .exe files and nothing showed up in the file chooser. there does not seem to be a way to unfilter on “VB files”.

also is SGP passing the script thru cscript.exe ? if so, which version does it choose (64/32 bit)? from reading the microsoft documentation apparently cscript.exe can parse and compile javascript as well as VBS, so can SGP choose a .js file as a script?

next, it looks like TCP sockets are a real ball of hurt in cscript.exe - there does not appear to be a native object which lets you use sockets. it seems that you can install a dll from visual basic (but the installation is quite torturous), or there are some 3rd party objects/dlls that one can use. they seem sketchy though. is there best practice here?

finally if EXE is supported i was thinking about using something like perl2exe to get a windows executable, since i’m a heck of a lot more comfortable with perl than visual basic or even javascript.



This looks like a bug. The code does support them, but the new file choosers don’t allow it.



I don’t really know anything about this…

When we fix it, you can use whatever exe you want… just remember that the sequence will not continue until the EXE you opened closes down (meaning… you cannot launch background EXEs as part of the event scripting mechanism).

cool, thanks. will this fix show up in the 2.4 tree? EDIT: i meant 2.4.2 tree, non beta 2.4.3.

i think .js is supported by cscript.exe so is it possible to allow SGP to pick *.js files as well as *.vbs and *.exe?

re: script needs to terminate - no problem.



It will not. 2.4.3 is probably just days away from release. I’ll fix it there… beta should be pretty safe at this point.

OK that’s fine, thanks for looking into it.