Second public beta for 2.4.2 ( not installing, error 1722

Getting an installer error 1722 when I try to install on Win 8.1 machine. I am trying to attach the error message window…
Do you have any ideas what that could be? (I have seen an older topic “Error 1722 with new installation”, but the suggestion to install .net4.5 does not apply).


Hmm… Second report on this. We will look into it. You need to install .Net 4.0 not .Net 4.5

Thanks, Ken
For your quick response!
"…You need to install .Net 4.0 not .Net 4.5…" I am afraid i don’t
have choices here. Win8.1 is a miracle to me. It does not let me install
.Net4.0, since there is already a higher version (or parts) installed. If I
remember correctly, the Metro style might need .Net4.5. Also MS claims that
V4.5 is
So I am afraid I am stuck right now…(?)
I do not understand why I was able to upgrade/update to earlier version of
SGP; currently I am running V2.4.1.10 - and it works fine(!!!). What has
changed in the meantime in regard to the installer?

I am particularly interested in the new plate-solve capabilities ( let me down recently several times…).

Hopefully you will be able to find a solution for this installer problem!


Problem solved!
After I read in the other link about a similar problem: SGP won’t install
I followed what Dennis suggested: “…shut off … protection…”

Since this might apply to other Win8.x users, here is what I did:
Search for “Services”. Then, in the “local services” table search for potential antivirus software (could be Win Defender); I had a different software “Bitdefender” running. Switch it off temporarily, then install SGP.

All set! Then switch your protection service back on.

Hope this will help somebody else!


Personally I never have anti-virus software running in ALL of my computers and laptops. I don’t think it’s worthwhile to have anti-virus software and just don’t go to web sites you’ve never heard of unless someone else says it’s safe. I never had anti-virus software for the last 10 years or more and never had issues. I think anti-virus software does more harm than good.