Seeking a Target Recommendation for this Weekend

I’m about to try out a new configuration from a dark sky site for the first time this weekend and was looking for some seasonal imaging target advice. In particular I’ll be using:

  • AstroTech AT8RC Scope (1625mm focal length, 8" aperture)
  • SBIG STL-11000M with L, R, G, B and H-alpha filters

I’m hoping to have a solid pair of nights at latitude ~47 deg N, with perhaps a third night as well. Does anybody have a favorite, well trodden, or offbeat, that frames up nicely with the above optics and camera?

M57 is a nice choice at that focal length although you won’t have a full night of it.

Elephant Trunk (IC1396) is a solid choice but maybe a little too large for your focal length, however you could hone in on a specific piece of it.

M15 is a nice globular cluster with nice color.

M27 would also be good at your focal length.

Lots of decent options for your focal length this time of year.


M27 and M57 would be good choices, although getting M57 depending upon your location may only be a few hours now.

I took a shot at M27 recently for the first time with my SW100ED Pro and SGP. I was a former Backyard EOS user and now use it only for focusing and then use SGP for capture and framing.

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M56 is a good one too.