Selection between filename and actual sequence

Hello Ken and Jared,

first I would like to say ‚Thank You‘ for the enormous work during the last weeks and your patience to answer all questions.

I have a few change requests (not really new features). They should mainly help for the use of more SGP- instances in parallel. (Win10 home (German), Beta)

We have already the great improvement to show the filename in the title-bar. This is helpful for long filenames and some files. I recommend a user selection between filename and actual sequence. I use normally 4 SGP instances and Pic1 shows no hint to the instance.

The actual sequence in the title bar would help.

An additional problem is that the order of the sequences in the task-bar (pic2) sometimes swap (frequently in the past, now very rare). The sequence in the title-bar would be helpful for orientation as well.

Thank You