Selection of Filter by SGPro for Center On

I noticed this last night.
The system was set to start capturing at 9:05p and, prior to that, I had used Frame and Focus with a Bahtinov. The Ha filter was used for focusing. I do this sometime depending on how light is still is.
The target settings for the 9:05p start included both Center On and Slew To. When this commenced I noticed that the filter did not change from Ha to Lum as I expected. So the first image in Plate Solve was done in Ha (as best I can tell).
I shut the sequence down, manually selected the Lum filter and started again. All went well through the Plate Solve, and SGPro did select the proper filter slot when imaging began.

The event didn’t feel right. I thought that SGPro would select the prescribed focus filter (Lum in my case) prior to beginning the Center On (plate solve) procedure.


SGPro will plate solve with whatever the current filter is… unless you set a plate solver filter specifically:

Thanks Ken,
The Sequence file I included shows the “Use Filter” as checked. However, the selected filter is None (vs. Lum). Mystery solved.
Interestingly, the same sequence file for the previous night had the filter checked and listed as Lum. The way it should have been.
I suspect the “None” came in when I added a new filter description to an open slot in my existing Filter List. When doing that there is a caution about the filters being reset. I just did not think to look at the Control Panel Plate Solve tab to verify all was OK.