Seletek Armadillo Focuser

Hi all,

I already wondered often why this focuser is not really accepted. I have to reconnect it 3 times until it works.
In the end I think SGP thinks that is a non absolute focusing system.

Btw here is the part I am talking about:

Seletek Armadillo

Is there anybody using a focuser like this out there; if yes I would be glad if the settings could be shared.

Very Best & CS



I am not sure. When you focuser connects we query the ASCOM driver to see
if it is a relative or absolute controller… If it is a relative
controller, we complain and disconnect (SGPro only supports absolute
focusers). From what you are telling me, this does not appear to be a
SGPro issue, but rather an issue with your ASCOM driver or there is a
setting in your ASCOM driver that forces your controller into an "absolute"
mode. If all else fails, you might want to reach out to the driver author
and ask why your controller reports itself as a relative positioner.


Hi Ken,

I am out in my Obsy for the moment, I updated the driver, still have to retry 3 times but it connects better now. Nevertheless I am still not able to achieve good focus. I start manually and perform a very acceptable FWHM and after running Autofocus this last one is degraded. The V Curve does also not appear as it should IMO.
I tried a lot of different settings, I also declared a focus point per filter, I struggle now…

Thanks for your quick reply, but, be calm, SGP stays the best Soft on the market, you are doing a great job guys!!!

I initially struggled to get my focuser to connect (I’m using a lakeside). But I found that once SGPro is fired up, if I simply switched the focuser on and off again it connects without problem, so you could try this…

There has been a driver/software update and this resolved the problem of connection.
On the other hand I still can not achieve proper focus with whatever values I set. I have heard that the focusing routine will be improved with the new version? I had it in beta test but due to a problem I had the reinstall the previous version…
What are your setting for autofocus? Do you leave them as they are or do you have to adapt them?

This is really the last obstacle to overcome before a perfect program! I really adore SGP but I already lost nights and nights fiddling around with the focuser without success, this commences to be annoying…

Hopefully, really hopefully I can find some help in here…

Very best and CS!!


PS I have read the “how to ask for help” and if I am still not able to manage the problem I will report in respect of the post :thumbsup: :wink:


If you are unable to achieve proper auto focus using the 2.3 software, the
2.4 software will not help you. Increase your data points to 9 and then
set your step size 3-4 times larger than you think it needs to be, point to
a fov with a fairly dense star count and go down from there (in step size)
until you find your V.

Hi Ken,

I will try this asap, all though I think I also already have tried this :slight_smile:


Okay, still not solved but getting better. Just another Q, as I own Pinpoint, use SGP’s HFR or Pinpoint’s FWHM? What works better, as it is impossible to reject nebula factor in FWHM.
So many questions on the road to perfection LOL

It’s personal taste… not something I can really answer. I use HFD as I believe it to be a more resilient metric… but next I might as well argue about politics or religion. You will find many answers pointing in many different directions.

If you have already increased your data points and step size, the only thing I can recommend is increasing your exposure time and setting your binning higher (maybe 3x3)… maybe 10 seconds or so using broadband filters.

If this does not work, you either have an insufficient number of stars in the fov and SGPro is measuring noise and hot pixels or you have problems with your hardware like slippage, binding (lock screw maybe) or motor issues (especially when fighting gravity).

Hi Ken,

I finally solved the issue by setting the autofocuser to half step mode and recalibrating the focusers maximum inner and outer steps; not always getting a propper V curve but focus is more than acceptable. Does the nebulae rejection help avoid taking diffraction spikes into account for HFD calculation?

Very best!!
You guys rule!


It does not. That said, reducing the number of stars used in for the HFR mean will help with this.

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Thanks a lot! I’ll try this!



Glad to hear this focuser now works with SGP as im about to buy one !! :smiley:

Actually it works really good :+1:t2:

Hi Lex.
I need a bit of help.
I have a Seletek focuser and it all works and SGP can connect to it but it wont move the focuser from within SGP.
The seletek manual says "The profiles can be either “Absolute” or “Relative” (this is configurable from the main configuration window); BUt I cant see where or how you select it as absolute??
Any suggestions would be much appreciated

Ignore that request Lex…I sorted it out last night :smile:

LOL it was just about to start typing when I saw your second mail :sunglasses:
So it does work now aight?

Very best!!