Seletek focuser

Hi I receive a message when I connect my focuser, SGPro tells me that my focuser is not compatible and an absolute position focus motor is required, mine is an absolute position focuser!!!

However despite the connection error, if I ignore it and connect again, it appears to work when I run autofocus!!!

Can anyone shed light on this?


Something is wrong with your focuser, perhaps your driver or configuration.

I use a seletek armadillo 2 with SGP without problems.

Try to reinstall driver or update your seletek FW.

José Manuel

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Hi Ray,

Please have a look here and we’ll see what we can find out:

Cheers Jose, I did some focus tests last night, eventually it worked a treat with a full V curve.
No issues with connection or error message!!
It may have been a one off!!!


Glad to hear that!!!