Sequence and target timing question

I’m doing a several night mosaic project now with nine target panels . And I’m trying to figure out how to schedule the lights to run only between nautical dusk and nautical Dawn. I then want my flats to run before ending the sequence for the night. Can’t figure out quite how to do this. I know I can set it to run the flats if the sequence fails.

Was thinking maybe this would work. Set all light targets to start and finish at the same times. Put the flat event at the bottom. If I got this right, SGP would start from the top and work it’s way down until stop time - 3:45 am. Then it would fall through any remaining targets to the flat event and end the sequence with that. Then the next night I’d resume sequence and it would take off where it left off at the designated start time. I’d delete the flat event. Sound reasonable? Or is there a less labor intensive way? It doesn’t appear I can copy start-stop times from one event to another event.

Wayne…I have no experience of trying to fit the flats in…I just do them some other ‘convenient time’…but then I have a permanent set-up.
Just looking at what you want to achieve…why not just have the lights as target 1 to finish at whatever time…and then the Flats as target 2 to start when target 1 finishes.

Others can chime in if that wont work…but I think it would if I understand correctly what you want to do.

i just set a start time in the first target and let the targets run out, then the next morning reshuffle the targets and set the start time in the new first target. not that your way does not work, but i am wary of setting start times when i know the target will actually start later in the night. it probably does work fine…

as kinch says you can also just set a stop time in the last target and a similar start time in the flats target…


Thanks! What I’m trying to do is take advantage of the darkest time of night for nothing but light frames. I basically choose the time from Nautical Dusk to Dawn as Astronomical Dusk and Dawn doesn’t give much time. There are more targets and lights in the sequence than I can do in one evening.

I like to do the flats right after the lights for an hour as it is still dark enough so I don’t get light bleed around the Flip Flat and also I can take the camera off in the morning and don’t have to worry about getting it back on with the same rotational angle.

So basically what I want to do is ensure light targets are running the whole dark time and then stop and have the flats start. I know I can set a time for the sequence to end but that would also stop the flats from running. Also if the sequence fails I can have it default to take the cal frames. What I’d like to be able to do is set a time that will stop the lights events of the sequence but not stop calibration frames.

Thanks again!


Wayne…you can set the target end time differently than the sequence end time…target 1 (Lights) can end (see Capture 1)before the sequence end time as set in Capture 2.

Thanks Kinch! I think that’s what I’m going to try. I’ll set all the targets except flats to finish at 3:45 am. Then whatever target I’m on will stop and only the flats can start. I’ll let you know how it goes!