Sequence Complete Error After Pre-Event Message Pause


I’m trying to set a pre-event message for taking flats. Before each event I have set a message to pop up that tells to me adjust the plat panel brightness level. After I dismiss the pop-up, SGP reports that the sequence is complete. Why is this happening? I would have thought SGP would then proceed with running the event and then move on to the next event as planned. Is there some other setting somewhere that is incompatible with what I am trying to do?


This is the only setting I have: a pre-event option to pause the sequence and display the message ADJUST.

Thanks for your help with this!


P.S. I see that there was a similar issue reported back in Dec 2016, but I see no resolution of this yet:

And I will attach my log file:

sg_logfile_20180914081740.txt (974.3 KB)

I can report exactly the same problem.