Sequence Generator Beta Issues

Four problems with the latest Beta:

  1. I was taking flats with my DSLR. After about 6 images, SGP simply stopped and exited for no apparent reason.

  2. On my laptop, the Sequence scrolling selector window in the upper left of the Sequence window does not display the gear icon on the right (it is just out of view). More text seems to be displayed for each sequence. Could be a screen resolution issue?

  3. I was running a sequence to generate flats. After about 18 images, I received an error stating that another sequence (NOT selected) had an error in starting guiding. Why did SGP switch to another sequence in my list while in the middle of my flats sequence?

  4. The sequence select window in the upper left of the Sequence window problem: I have a long list of targets. When I scroll to the bottom of the list, the last item cannot be selected by the mouse or the checkbox checked in the center of the fields, only at the very top, near the previous sequence item line.

Lenovo Thinkpad 11e laptop (1366 x 768 screen res.)
Latest Windows 10 version with most recent updates.
Camera: Canon EOS 7D Mark II

Mark W

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  1. I have the same issue with 1920x1200 resolution

Same issue here, and also have another oddity that is (I think) related?

Whatever target is at the bottom of the visible pane (in other words…not necessarily the last target…whatever’s the bottom visible one) cannot be selected or right clicked on.

What version of windows and what font scaling are you using? Screen shots are generally helpful when describing UI issues.

For the other issues mentioned we’ll need to have logs. Please see here:



I do not know what the font scaling is set to. It is the Windows 10 default. In the current production release of SGP, the sequence select window and the icons all appear correctly and all respond to mouse clicks to select. In this beta version, the problems were experienced and the font scaling was not changed.


I have had problem 2. when first opening a sequence from a previous version in a new beta release. I get round it by opening a New Sequence, which displays correctly. I then open the sequence I really want and, hey presto, it displays correctly. I then save the sequence and I never get the display issues again when reopening it. As for why this is so… over to Ken & Jared!


I have the same issue with 2 and 4. However. I already had these with prior versions. Windows 10 Pro and résolution via Remote Desktop or team viewer of 1920x1080.

Sometimes crashes will log the issue before SGPro dies.

Not sure… this issue showed up in Windows XP for a while and then seemed to go away. This is the first I have heard of it in Windows10. Will need to think about this…

Not able to tell much here without logs. SGPro doesn’t know how to switch to another sequence automatically yet.

Same as 2

Here is info on getting to the logs: How to report issues or ask for help - Announcements - Main Sequence Software


I had the same scaling issues with the beta two versions ago and had to remove it. The full release works fine. Several people reported this in a thread at that time.

I’m on the latest Win 10 with a Lenovo 920 (i7) with, as others above, on default scaling.