Sequence Generator Beta is Released for Test

Sequence Generator Beta is Released for Test

Hello! Welcome to the 3.X beta for SGPro. As always, we aim to ensure that even our betas are stable, but please know that we do find bugs during this process.

You can find it here:

Sequence Generator


  • Ability to run End of Sequence options from outside of the sequence - available in the Sequence tool menu.
  • When creating a sequence from the Mosaic and Framing Wizard, SGPro will now auto-populate your last choices for centering, rotation and for adding the working image to the sequence.


  • ASCOM camera will now time out and fail if SGPro cannot access the image data within 5 minutes of integration completing.
  • Move ‘Run End of Sequence Options’ menu item to the ‘Sequence’ menu.
  • PlateSolve2 and ASTAP plate solvers now attempt to close any other instances of the solver asynchronously so that this process does not impede the sequence.
  • Run end of Sequence Options can now be used in or out of a sequence.
  • SGPro will now keep log files for 30 days (up from 7 days).


  • A badly formatted success message after successfully registering SGPro.
  • An issue where placing bad data into a target’s location fields would cause SGPro to crash.
  • An issue where target data could not be copied to other targets after the first time.
  • An issue where, when copying a target’s events to another target, the progress would also be copied.