Sequence generator aborts after the 2nd step during plate solving

Hello everyone, the sequence generator breaks off after the 2nd step in the Platesolving process.
I have no idea whats wrong, if you would help me, look at the atached logfiles.
…please help.

Link to Logs

Approx time of issue: 21:45

Useful Info

OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Home
Ver: (64-bit)
.NET: 4.8

I am unsure why PS2 is failing… we have limited visibility into those failures because the solves are run outside of SGPro. I do see a few things:

  • Others in regions that use the coma as the decimal separator have also reported problem with PS2 v2.28. I don’t anything directly that indicates this is an issue for you, but you still may want to consider using ASTAP or PlateSolve3 instead (both free).
  • When PlateSolve2 failed, the blind solver was not able to be invoked because it seems to be configured to use an instance of ANSVR that is not running.

Also, what method did you use to provide the initial sync for the mount?

At next Time I use Astap an look if this works, thanks. :slight_smile: