Sequence Generator Options Settings: Where do they get saved


Playing around with equipment profiles to better manage the settings, I noticed that the custom name pattern that I specify in the Sequence Generator Options > General Options tab does not necessarily get seen by an equipment profile you are trying to set from scratch.

What is the relationship between a Profile and the Options settings? I know where the Profiles are stored because I am specifying the path in the Options. But where are the Options stored and can they be copied from one computer to another?



Last week I had a session running into trouble when I had to restart SGP. Upon restart it asked me if I accepted to share usage statistics. This question is only asked once when SGP has just been installed. Turned out the SGP General Options had suddenly been lost and it took me some time to get those back to my original settings. All from memory as I did not have any sort of backup available for these options. Hence reactivating this orignal question that Farzad has posted a year ago. Apparently it has never been answered.

Perhaps you are looking for the sgpro_settings.json file which is stored in the same dir as the log files. This is found under user/username/appdata/local/SequenceGenerator.


Yes, that is indeed exactly the file I was looking for. I am familiar with that folder to pick up the SGP logfiles, must have overlooked the settings were there in JSON format as well. Many thanks for pointing the finger on the spot Bob!

Still no clue how or why SGP suddenly lost this information, but at least I can make a backup now in case it every happens again.