Sequence Generator Pro (Beta 3) is Released for Testing

Hi folks,

Sequence Generator Pro (Beta 3) is released for testing:


  • Fixed a bug that would crash SGPro if the target settings dialog attempted to plate solve a non-16 bit FITS image.
  • PHD2 Star Lost now attempts to recenter the image prior to restarting the guider.
  • Adding better trace code to ASCOM high speed readout
  • Fixing issue with dome where the Find Home command would hang
  • Dome goes into “fast poll” mode when slewing/moving (1Hz update)
  • Added error when Alnitak flatbox fails to send serial command
  • Added some safety code that will hopefully prevent manual execution of Auto Focus from never ending (rarely happens… likely a timing issue)
  • Fixing a bug that would sometimes cause the guider to not stop at the end of a sequence
  • Refactored recovery mode to try and prevent multiple simultaneous attempts (not sure if this is fixed… at least there is better logging for trace now)
  • Pier flip guiding recovery now forces calibration (in case flipping was missed)
  • The sequence will now attempt to calibrate and start guiding for you (if it’s not already running or you don’t have a valid connection to PHD2)
  • Recovery will no longer attempt to center and restart guiding if you did not originally center on that target to get there
  • Fixing an issue where observatory “At Home to Open/Close” was not available in the equipment profile

As always, you can find it here: