Sequence Generator Pro (Beta 9) is Released for Testing

Sequence Generator Pro (Beta 9) is released for testing.

SGPro 2.4 (Beta 9) will require PHD2 2.4.1e or better to function properly: You can download it here:

Beta 9 Changes:

  • Removed the “Pause guider during image download option” (this has not been functional for a long time so don’t worry if you were using it before)
  • Fixed an issue where Canon previews were sometimes displayed in the portrait orientation
  • Might have fixed an issue where SGPro might crash when querying for position

Beta 8 Changes:

  • Added an option to force auto focus to use the weighted average of the lowest 3 HFR / FWHM points in order to calculate focus position. You should avoid this using this option if possible (and instead spend time tuning your settings). If you would like to use it, it can be found in the Auto Focus Options (“Scope has central obstruction”).
  • You can now create sequences from the Mosaic and Framing Wizard that Auto Center, Slew or do both for each target
  • Adding all keyboard shortcuts to help dialog
  • Huge update to the help file in preparation for release
  • Adding option to stop the mount in place (stop tracking) when the sequence terminates (as opposed to park)

As always, you can find it here:

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