Sequence Generator Pro 2.4 Beta is Released for Testing

  • New SGPro addon for monitoring: This addon will cost $19 and can be used with email and Good Night System (GNS). This means that you will be able to monitor the status of your sequence through email or GNS (but most importantly through any type of smartphone). You will be able to get current state and an email if your sequence stops before expected. Full details and instructions can be found in the included help file.
  • Canon mirror settle option: to Canon settings dialog. This will also need to be enabled on the camera or images will not download.
  • Better auto focus: SGPro is now more tolerant of being initially out of focus and will attempt to make faster decisions based on the slope. Will also “auto continue” if a “downward” trend is detected at the end of your specified number of data points.
  • Better integration with PHD2: If this is acting up, you can switch back to the old 2.3 method (temporarily). This should be transparent to the user.
  • Initial support for weather stations: This is not complete, but 2.4 will support weather stations as a “Safety Device” only (if it is OK to open observatory).

Other Changes:

  • Added a sequence notes system (rich text)
  • Added more offline ISO modes for DSLRs
  • Added ANSVR (0.11+) options dialog support from SGPro control panel plate solve tab
  • Added a global sequence end time (overrides all target end times)
  • Added a “Help menu” dialog to show keyboard shortcuts
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for adding sequence images and notes
  • Added ability to change the location of your Sequence Profiles (SGP files)

As always, you can find it here (under the beta section):

We are pulling 2.4 from the downloads. Something went wrong when we merged the 2.3 and 2.4 code together and was causing some fairly large issues. If you’re using this I would highly recommend you go back to 2.3 for the time being.

We’re currently working on rectifying this. There will be another 2.4 release in the near future.

Thanks for understanding!

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Please target around 7/15 for a more stable beta… we will need to start again with a stable 2.3 base and then re-integrate the 2.4 feature set. Thanks for your patience.

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