Sequence Generator Pro Beta is Released for Testing

Hi folks,

SGPro is a beta release. While we love that many of our users are eager to help us test, make sure you are a fairly knowledgeable SGPro user before hopping onto the beta track. Changes:

  • Fixed a bug where some (probably most) old equipment profiles would not load correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where some users could see erratic behavior with frame restarts when the telescope is on the east side of the pier. Changes:

  • Experimental: New behavior for the “Auto adjust focus per filter” option. When taking “light” frames, you can expect this to work as it always has in the past… no change here. When taking “flat” frames and this option is on, SGPro will automatically attempt to set your focuser to a suitable focus position. If you just finished imaging, you are already there… if you are taking flats on a different night, SGPro will set the focuser to focus position nearest your current temperature. If it can’t find one, it will use the average focus position for that filter. If it can’t find that, it will do nothing. Nobody asked for this (I don’t think), but I wanted something like it so I added it in…
  • Sync behavior: Added functionality to the telescope tab to define “sync behavior”. This also affects the process by which SGPro centers on a target. Choosing “Sync” will cause SGPro to function like it normally does. This is what you should continue to use for this beta. Choosing “Offset” will use a sort of “Syncless” centering algorithm and should be used with mounts that really don’t want external applications trying to sync the mount’s position. This option is complete, but has not been tested AT ALL. Use at your own risk… DO NOT USE THIS OPTION UNATTENDED!
  • MFW Image Fetching: MFW now queries from the DSS2 survey first (better quality images), then if that fails will default to the original DSS survey (current survey in use by MFW).
  • Dither Every N Frames: Added option to auto guider to dither every N frames.
  • Settling distance: Changed this from a drop down menu to a numeric control.
  • Bug fix: Fixed an issue where centering (and meridian flips) might hang SGPro and report that the camera has timed out.
  • Bug fix: Fixed a bug where the auto centering validation step could fail on camera rotation if the primary solver failed.
  • Bug fix: Fixed an issue where SGPro could attempt to take an image without having sufficient time to finish before meridian flip.
  • Misc: SGPro no longer performs a dither on the first frame (will still settle though)
  • Misc: Added account management links to the help menu and registration dialog.