Sequence Generator Pro Beta is Released for Testing

U P D A T E D   O N   S E P T E M B E R   2 8 th,  2 0 1 7

Hi folks,

SGPro is a beta release. While we love that many of our users are eager to help us test, make sure you are a fairly knowledgeable SGPro user or have received explicit instructions by MSS staff before hopping onto the beta track.

Please note that this beta will expire in 45 days. There is no risk to installing it unless:

  • You do not intend to purchase SGPro 3.0
  • You will not have access to the internet when this beta expires (SGPro 2.X will continue to work for you)

MSS will always release new betas within the 45 day window. After the official release of SGPro 3.0, betas will not expire until the first SGPro 4.0 beta.

Please report beta issues here: SGPro 3.0.0.X Issue Thread - Sequence Generator - Main Sequence Software Changes:

  • No changes to SGPro
  • Fixed an issue that some anti-virus software did not like Changes:

  • Fixed an issue where the SGPro installer might be flagged as malware (it never was though)
  • Various bugs fixed for the target planning tool graph
  • Fixed bug where opening a target with no user profile would throw an exception
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent end of sequence options on guider failure Changes:

  • Beta implementation of the SGPro “Planning Assistant” (more here: Planning Tools Release Candidate - Sequence Generator - Main Sequence Software). There are likely issues where the graph feature does not work properly for all latitudes (needs testing for southern latitudes).
  • SBIG RBI Implementation
  • User profile selection now contains an option to open the user profile manager (shortcut). Known issue: selecting this option will deselect the user profile so that you will need to select it again after closing the user profile manager.
  • SGPro addons (MFW and Notification Wizard) are no longer licensed individually (they are part of the main SGPro license now) Changes:

  • Implemented “per-event” gain control for ASCOM cameras.
  • A sequence can now import targets from other SGPro sequences.
  • Initial implementation of Gemini SnapCap FlatBox device.
  • Restored old TEC cooling code that was, by chance, allowing the QHY driver to work properly (the real fix for this must come from QHY as the rate of reading temperature should be independent of the rate at which the TEC cools).
  • Any park command issued through SGPro will now be followed by a stop tracking command.
  • Fixed a bug where SGPro’s internal temp comp was broken if using an external device to read ambient temperature.
  • Updated CTYPEn FITS headers to report projection as gnomonic (instead of default).
  • SGPro will now more accurately detect the need to auto connect with a flats box.