Sequence Generator Pro (BETA) is Released for Test

Sequence Generator Pro (BETA) (32-bit and 64-bit) is Released for Test

Hello! Welcome to the 4.X beta for SGPro. As always, we aim to ensure that even our betas are stable, but please know that we do find bugs during this process.

You can find it here:

Sequence Generator


  • If SGPro emits an Out of Memory exception it will now close.
  • SGPro will now use the installed version of GNS rather than the version that was previously distributed with the SGPro installer.
  • The planning tools flyout window will now anchor itself to the right of the target settings dialog if it wont fit when attached to the bottom (mostly just for smaller screens).


  • Added auto focus verification frame to the percent complete status.
  • Fix some misplaced controls in the Options Dialog.
  • Fixed an issue where a switch device would not show in the control panel if the attempt to query it its switch list failed.
  • Fixed an issue where a target may adjust its end time such that it occurs prior to its start time
  • Fixed an issue where changing event ordering from Rotate Through Events to Finish Entire Event would not stick.
  • Fixed an issue where expanding or collapsing a switch device group would also connect or disconnect the switch.
  • Fixed an issue where start and between event delay values would not stick.
  • Fixed an issue where the SGPro maximize / restore button in the title bar would not toggle properly.
  • The context menu that allows for hiding the Switch Sim and Eagle switches now shows properly in the Equipment Profile Manger.