Sequence Generator Pro (BETA) is Released for Test

Sequence Generator Pro (BETA) (32-bit and 64-bit) is Released for Test

Hello! Welcome to the 4.X beta for SGPro. As always, we aim to ensure that even our betas are stable, but please know that we do find bugs during this process.

You can find it here:

Sequence Generator


  • Finally… themed scrollbars for most things in SGPro.


  • Control borders in the Black Theme are more defined (esp the radio control)
  • Slight adjustment for theme colors in the notification center
  • Small optimizations for event table scrolling


  • Corrected an issue where the labels for event rotation were using the wrong icons.
  • Fixed a display issue where the event progress bar would not resize properly based on visibility of the event table scroll bar.
  • Fixed an issue that may cause SGPro to crash when the camera disconnects.
  • Fixed an issue where a sequence may fail to open depending on the structure of the previously open sequence.
  • Fixed an issue where a TEC failure during cooldown could cause SGPro to crash.
  • Fixed an issue where target settings may not display the corresponding altitude for a start or end time.
  • Fixed an issue where the settings changes that require a restart would not apply of the restart was delayed.
  • Fixed an issue where the target list would not grow in size when the height of the sequencer windows was changed.
  • Fixed several formatting issues for sequence start failure errors.
  • Small loading optimizations.