Sequence Generator Pro (BETA) is Released for Test

Sequence Generator Pro (BETA) (32-bit and 64-bit) is Released for Test

Hello! Welcome to the 4.X beta for SGPro. As always, we aim to ensure that even our betas are stable, but please know that we do find bugs during this process.

You can find it here:

Sequence Generator


  • The name of the current profile is now displayed in the title bar of the Equipment and User profiles.


  • Background load progress is now a super-small progress bar at the top of the sequencer form.
  • Background load status is no longer reported in the status bar.
  • Disabled some theme animation to see if it is affecting the frame and focus process.
  • Profiles now have an icon to indicate if it has an attached note.
  • Reduced the refresh rate of the frame and focus progress bar considerably.
  • Reformatted the Image History tooltip for easier readability


  • Fixed an issue where a Bayer pattern of None might be written to the FITS headers.
  • Fixed an issue where a static tooltip might cover up the dynamic Image History tooltip
  • Fixed an issue where Image History tooltips were not themed
  • Fixed an issue where profiles listed in a profile manager may not match the profiles on disk.
  • Fixed some small theming issues with list boxes.
  • Minor theming issues for the tree control.
  • Profile manager chooser tooltips have been repaired (so you can see profile names wider than the list)
  • Profile manager choosers are now less sluggish.