Sequence Generator Pro (BETA) is Released for Test

Sequence Generator Pro (BETA) (32-bit and 64-bit) is Released for Test

Hello! Welcome to the 4.X beta for SGPro. As always, we aim to ensure that even our betas are stable, but please know that we do find bugs during this process.

You can find it here:

Sequence Generator


  • Additional logging for Rotator capabilities.
  • Some sequence abort requests are now far more aggressive about ensuring that end of sequence options run.


  • Better selected item rendering for dropdown lists
  • Certain end of sequence actions now run in a way that, even upon failure, will not prevent subsequent actions from running (like telescope park)


  • Fixed a bug that would cause timeout error safety notifications to skip external notifications (GNS, email, etc)
  • Fixed an issue that might cause SGPro to dither repeatedly near the meridian when meridian flip is NOT enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where a Light event may not be added to the Image History properly.
  • Fixed an issue where Reset Progress from the Event Context menu did not work.
  • Fixed an issue where SGPro would indicate that it only needed ASCOM 6.2 to run (instead of 6.5)
  • Fixed an issue where some unrecoverable errors (camera timeouts) would not properly trigger sequence abort.
  • Fixed an issue where the Target Settings window might open when clicking near the target active checkbox.