Sequence Generator Pro (Beta 7) is Released for Testing

Sequence Generator Pro (Beta 7) is released for testing.


  • Adding the sequence name to the start of all notification messages
  • Fixing an issue where non-FITS images could not be blind solved in target settings
  • Adding additional validation around dome slaving options
  • Fixing the disconnect menu item: now includes all equipment objects
  • Adding connect all equipment menu item
  • Adding keyboard shortcuts to connect and disconnect all equipment (Ctrl+Shift+C and Ctrl+Shift +D)
  • Adding an option to the auto guider tab that will force the auto guider to recalibrate on target change
  • Adding direct access to filter AF exposure times in the AF settings dialog
  • Attempt to make HFR calculations for very large images much faster
  • The default ISO for new sequences is now 800
  • Sequencing Window and Control Panel buttons (and keyboard shortcuts) now toggle these dialogs
  • Fixed a bug that would allow the camera to be manually disconnected during a sequence

As always, you can find it here:

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