Sequence is skipping autofocus


Equipment: ZWO EAF focuser.

How to replicate the problem:
If i make a sequence with different filters, the sequence will just go from e.g. Ha to S without focusing. I will end up with lots of images not in focus and have to pause the sequence, do a ‘manual autofocus’, then continue

Edit: And yes, i have checked the options re focusing at various events. Even if i put in “autofocus after each frame” no autofocus sequence is called.

Also - it seems to me that filter offsets are not being used when focusing. e.g. - without any filters at all (OSC) focus is at 5400. My Ha filter has an offset of about 180. I have put this into the filter offset table, but it does not seem to be used. If the focuser is set at my OSC and try to focus my Ha, it will just try to focus from the current focus point.



I can guarantee that auto focus is not broken this badly. If you can get us the logs, we can help you diagnose. Please make sure that in the Control Panel → Focus Tab that he little check mark next to “Auto Focus” is checked.