Sequence Optimization with Flats

I am sure I am missing an easy way to do this, but is there a way to tell SGP to wait to do flats until after it has used up all available time on lights?

To be more specific, I have several targets in a sequence that will require multiple nights to complete. I am a mobile imager, and need to break the system down every morning. I therefore need to take flats every time I image.

Ideally, I would like SGP to use all available time allocated to a particular target on lights (which I accomplish by listing the lights first in the event table for that target), and if it is unable to complete the flats before the next event starts, to come back at the end of the evening, when the time for all targets has elapsed, and finish off any and all flats that were specified across all targets.

Just create a separate target for your flats and SGP will run that target after your lights target has completed…and since they’re separate targets the can have different start/end times.


“Smacks head”

Thanks! Should have been obvious to me as a solution. No complex functionality needed…

And by the way, fantastic product and support.