Sequence Settings, End Sequence At:

would it be possible to make the End Sequence at: a drop down list?
Items in list might be:
Set a specific time
Astronomic Dawn
Nautical Dawn
Civil Dawn

I like to use this function as an emergency brake.
But I have to update it seasonally to account for the length of the night changing.
If we could select for example, one of the dawn’s it would only have to be set once.


Take a look at the version 4.4 request list post (don’t remember the exact name). It has a generalized version of your idea that also includes allowing start times to vary.

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I would prefer to define start/end sequence in the options with sunset +/- minutes. This should apply to all light frames sequences (not BIAS/DARK/FLAT).

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That’s what the request in the Version 4 list asks for, plus the ability to add other criteria.
For example, start a Target at 30 minutes after sunset AND once it reaches 35 degrees in altitude AND …


I like this too

I like this also

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