Sequence start by external application


we need to start our SGP sequence from an external application. The telescope is in a remote observatory and the external application manages all observatory preparation (open roof, security checks, etc…), at a specified time, then trys to ask SGP to start the sequence.

I could not find any API that can send this command to SGP.

For the time beeing we use the “F5” key, via a SendKey protocol, but this is not reliable. Sometimes the command is missed.

We’ll see about adding this functionality.

Thank you,

Hello, any chance to get this feature someday ?

Having the sequence start command in the API protocol would be very usefull
as explained in the original post.

I request the feature again because “F5 sendkey” method has become very unreliable with
latest SGP version.
Sending several F5, to secure the order, is not possible anymore because several F5 commands will be taken as “Pause” instead of “Sequence Start”.