Sequence summary tool?

Is there a tool or option in SGP that will list all the different events that will occur in a given sequence? There are so many settings in so many places that it’s really easy to miss something. Like last night, it tried to do a plate solve and center in the middle of my sequence that I didn’t want. I did find where it was set, though.
Something like a simple list of what will happen when, similar to:

Start sequence at 21:30
Start PHD
Start guiding, spiral dithering every 3 shots, settle at 1 pixel
Slew to target at RA 13.234, Dec 47.567
Center target: 3 tries for 50 pix, 10 second exposures.
Autofocus: 9 steps, 30-second exposures, and every 10 images or 3 deg temp change
Image: 90 shots of 120 sec, ISO 800
Darks: 10 shots of 120 sec, ISO 800
Image: 90 shots of 120 sec, ISO 800
Darks: 10 shots of 120 sec, ISO 800
Park mount
Disconnect PHD

That way I could quickly read through to make sure I have all the settings I need and none that I don’t want.

Thanks for listening!

Currently there is not. It’s something we’d like to add but determining what is going to happen when is somewhat non-trivial. About the best we could do is a “best case” given your input parameters. But thinks like weather, clouds, lost guide stars, etc would cause it to be inaccurate.


Yeah, I understand about things beyond your control. Just a summary of
what is “programmed” to happen would be a good start. It took me a long
time to figure out why it was shooting 1-sec AF exposures when I had it
set to 10 sec. I finally figured out that the AF settings in the filter
section were overriding them.

Maybe at the bottom, list the recovery / contingency steps?