Sequencer window

During the night I find myself opening and closing the main sequencer window constantly. Though I do use the docked mini - window as well, I find I need the main sequencer window opened and closed quite often. This seems unavoidable, since there is only so much screen real estate available. Would it be possible to replace the tiny button that opens the sequencer window with something bigger? The existing button seems a bit too small and hidden away for convenience considering how often it is used.

Not sure if this should be another separate request or not, but there is one more UI - related request. Could you reduce some of the warning pop - ups? For example, when I tell it to centre on a target, I think there are three separate pop - ups that then ask me to confirm this is what I really want to do. One at maximum would suffice, and would feel less cluttered and be faster.

Minor issues in an awesome piece of software!


I suppose we might be able to use a Windows strategy for large icon toolbars. Unfortunately we are not artists and I don’t think the icons we use have the resolution to support it. Ctrl+W can also be used.

Probably not. If you get 3, there are almost certainly ways you can modify your sequence if you don’t want them to appear. It is way less annoying to have to move through a warning or two than to waste an entire night capturing data the wrong way.

Thanks Ken,

I’ll try to figure out how to reduce the number of pop ups when I tell it to center on the target. I didn’t know I had any control over that.

And yeah maybe it is just my age that makes those icons seems so small and close together, but a big obvious one, maybe away from the rest of the buttons to toggle the sequencer on and off would be nice. Same with the tiny button that is to the right of the target name in the sequencer. The one that leads you to where you enter the target info and name, etc. That is another one that is used a lot that would be nice to have bigger.

Again…very minor details with awesome software.


If you want to post what they are specifically, we can tell you more about what they mean and how you can avoid them… We don’t have a single warning message that occurs in all circumstances… they only present themselves when SGPro detects something it thinks you might have done on accident.