Sequencer won't open

For some reason I cannot get the sequencer module to open anymore. It does not open when I restart, as it used to. Has worked okay on this win 10 system previously. Reinstall did not help.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.



Can’t say we’ve ever fielded this issue before… You’ll need to excuse the questions as there is not much detail added here:

  • What version are you using?
  • How are you trying to open the sequencer? Clicking the sequencer icon button does nothing?
  • What happens when you use “Ctrl+W”?

The version is I have it on a laptop and on an Asus zenbook, which I only use for astrophotography. Both use windows 10. SGP runs just fine on the Asus machine, It must be something with the laptop because I cannot open the sequencer module. Control+ W does nothing, Clicking the sequencer icon button does nothing, nor does clicking new sequence from profile.

Have you ever hooked the laptop up to an external monitor? If so, Windows has a habit of saving the location of the sequencer window wherever it last was… even if that’s off screen.

No, I have not done that. It must be some problem with the laptop because the program works as expected on a different laptop Iuse for astrophotography. Both run windows 10.