Serial disconnect error when centering on target using G11

Just started getting a serial disconnect error with my G11 when centering on a target, The first iteration is OK and then it fails on the second. Need to re-start mount using Cold Start to recover. Then the error sequence repeats. Log file is attached. You can see the error at the end. This just started happening about a week ago. It was fine before that. Using

sg_logfile_20150828200835.txt (96.8 KB)

Update: Reloaded G11 ASCOM drivers and it looks better. Not sure if it’s a fix and why I would need to do this.

Not sure. SGPro probably does not have anything to do with the disconnect. We just catch the error and report it to you (your mount’s ASCOM log would probably have way better troubleshooting information… maybe not… it’s worth a try to see though).