Set duration of Sequence Recovery

I’d like to, but I don’t use Sequence Recovery because I can’t set meridian limits on my mount (Mach1GTO). How about making the duration user set? I can easily track 90min past the meridian at low declinations facing S, but near the Zenith or towards the N I only have about 30min until I hit the pier. It would be a much more useful feature if I could choose the duration depending upon the location of my target. Then I could use Sequence Recovery and avoid the annoying parking of my scope if I happen to not be at my computer when a cloud passes by.

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Yep… lots of folks asking for this. We will figure something out after the 2.4 release.


Implemented in

Interval 5 to 60 min, Duration 12 min to 10 hrs

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I should note that this is not a “per target” setting (at least right now). So depending on your condition you may need to remember to set this before every sequence (but… even if it was saved with the sequence, it still sounds like you would need to set it per sequence).

There is a user defined “Nag text” displayed when you click run sequence (if you want to put in a reminder to set it).