Set Event for all Targets

Is there a way to set an Event for all Targets?
I have say 20 targets and want them all to have the same event.
For example I import 20 Targets from a Starry Nights file but now I must set an Event for each one instead of setting the First Target Event and then having it be used for all Targets.


You can copy events by right clicking on a target in the sequencer and choosing Copy To or Copy From.

Not what I was looking to do.
I need to copy say Event 1 from Target 1 to Event 1 of Target 2.
Not Event 1 to Event 2 of the same Target.

Hi William,
As long as both targets are in the same sequence, you can copy all events from target 1 to target 2 (as per naavis).

However, I suspect you want to copy **** events from one target to another. Sorry can’t help you there.


meant to say individual events in second sentence.


I think what @naavis is saying is actually what you want. Right click on target 1, select copy to, then select target 2. If it does not end up as event 1, you can manually reorder.

Alternatively, you can define many events on target 1 and then copy those events to every target in your list (this can sometimes take a while… we need to make it faster).


Yes, that will work. Slow but do able.
I don’t guess there is a way to disable the warning message.
Sure would be nice to just make a text file with targets and events to import. And maybe export too.