Setting Gain in Event w/o camera connected

Using SGP v4 beta, ZWO ASI6200MM. Is there a way to set per event gain when the camera is not connected? I usually setup my sequences on my desktop, which then gets synced to my mount miniPC. But I always have to wait to set the gain until I’m actually running the sequence, and I will inevitably forget to set the gain at some point.

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I have done it without Camera connected and it has worked fine. I just type in 0 or 100 (LRGB and narrowband respectively). I wish we could do this via a profile (default gain per filter). it would be much more efficient.

Are you using the V4 beta? What you describe is how it used to work in V3 and that’s what I did too. In V4 the option is grayed out and inaccessible.

Sorry, I hadn’t realised V3 and V4 were different on this. Not just using V3 - I’ll stick to V3 having read this !