Setting Up for Tonight Using Framing & Mosaic Wizard

I seem to be falling backwards again on SGP and still trying to overcome a few things…sorry
for this…really.

I am usng the Framing & Mosaic Wizard tonight to (hopefully) catpure NGC7380 Wizard Nebula.
After selecting the target I get the following prompts:

CREATE > Replace or
CREATE > Append …I select Replace

Then I select: Slew to Target & Center

Other Options:

Associate working image with sequence …I check that

Next: I get a “SUCCESS”

In the Sequence window, I select Target Settings…

  1. What should be the options with " Center on When Target Starts" (Checked or not checked)
  2. What should be the options with " Slew to when target starts (Checked or unchecked)
  3. The Center Now Button ?

Here’s what’s confulsing me: If I’m using the Framing & Mosaic Wizard and I have the sequence created from the Wizard, do I have to worry about “touching” any of the TARGET SETTING options from within the SEQUENCE such as items 1, 2, or 3 above?

OR, after I complete the sequence from the F & M wizard, do I just then select “Run Sequence” and forget all the above?

Incidentally, I have just ordered a new laptop running Windows 7 and have retired my XP Pro machine to the recyling depot.
I am currently running everything on my other backup laptop with VISTA 32…temporarily.



You should not need to touch target settings, just set up events for each target.

As mentioned above, create events for each target, but you can, assuming you are reasonably close to focus, just click run sequence.