Setting Up PS2

Whenever I want to set the index files for PS2 I encounter this issue which is that SGP easily recognizes the APM location folder but doesn’t recognize the folder UCAC3PS when it is sitting where SGP is looking; it almost seems like SGP doesn’t want it there.



SGP does not know about or care where the PlateSolve2 catalogs are located. Only PS2 accesses and uses those catalogs. What ever is in the UCAC3PS folder is not what PS2 is looking for. Perhaps you can try to re-download the catalogs.


If SGP does not know about or care where the PlateSolve2 catalogs are located then why does it ask for them?

I noticed that SGP is asking for the location of UCAC3PS catalog and it seems it is looking for it in a starting point at a particular folder. I generally just use another folder and direct SGP to it and it is then all good; I don’t really know who cares for this catalog, you seem to know that SGP doesn’t. I don’t care one way or another; I was trying to bring this to the attention of SGP developers.

Thanks for chiming in.


Its not actually SGP asking for the location of the catalogs; its actually PlateSolve2 – an independent software application that runs inside of SGP.

This may seem like splitting hairs but it goes to the question about it mattering where the catalogs are located – it doesn’t matter where they are located as long as PS2 knows where they are. The SGP developers have nothing to do here.

Looking in my C:\UCAC3 folder, I see the file “Index.UC3” and 180 files with a naming convention of Z000.UC3 through Z179.UC3. Those would be the files PlateSolve2 is looking for. If you have those files in your folder, its possible something has become corrupted or there may be some kind of permissions issue preventing access to the folder.


I see what you mean, if a Sequence Generator Pro user interface asks for location of certain files because you are using that interface to setup a device (in this case a plate solver), it doesn’t mean the question or the query is coming from Sequence Generator Pro.

I presumed it is something SGP developers have to do with since it is on what appears to be SGP’s user interface.