SG Pro and PHD

SGPro v PHD2 v 1.14.2. Brand new to this software tonight. All well until control panel - autoguider tab - PHD2 interface - settings - install path. I find the PHD folder, but the browse button won’t let me open it to get to the exe file, so the path is invalid.

You shouldn’t need to set the install path. SGP and PHD2 work together pretty seamlessly. As long as PHD2 server is enabled in PHD2 (which it is by default) then it should work.

There is no such thing as PHD2 v 1.14.2 :confused: Perhaps you are using Stark Labs PHD v 1.14.2?

SGP works with PHD2 which is different from Stark Labs PHD. PHD2 can be downloaded from

Yes it seems I was. Thanks