SG Pro / PhD2 link to camera

SBIG STT8300 camera with Guiding filter wheel (internal guider). I can link and use guider with Phd2. I can link and use the camera with settings set to internal guider in SG Pro. Focus works, etc. I can’t link both SG Pro and PhD 2to the STT 8300 at the same time. I get an error code: Link to SBIG camera failed:Code 1. I can’t find a code list. I am very new to this. I appreciate your help. Dan

So long story short is that you can only have one application physically connected to any “one camera”. The SBIGs are seen as “One camera” through their driver.

To get around this we have created the SGP API Guider (available on our downloads page). Information about its use can be found here:


Thank you. I missed that in the Help section. I am liking your software!



I don't have the SGP API Guider in my PhD2  camera drop down list.
  •       In your guiding application (PHD2 will be used as an example)
  •         Choose the "SGP API Guider" camera and click connect.
  •         If all goes well you should be able to loop exposures

Sorry, never mind. Did some reading, found it on the downloads page.