SGP crash on file save

Had a significant problem with a couple of nights ago. Set up to collect more lights from a sequence that I started with Crashed twice with the “SGP has stopped working… Windows is searching for a solution” error. I wasn’t there for the first crash, but the second occurred immediately after the downloading message disappeared and SGP was attempting to save the file (looking at the logfile, it appears that the first crash occurred in the same place). I rolled back to and images downloaded just fine.

Sequence file:
Logfile Crash #1:
Logfile Crash #2:

On the other hand, I was running a second instance of running my piggy-backed scope with Canon XSi (no problem saving the RAW files from the DSLR) and the new binned focus routine seemed to work great.


Switching back to is probably not really fixing your issue. The only difference between the 2 versions is 8 lines of code that software bin DSLR AF frames. I’ll take a look through the logs.

Ok. I post the info mostly so you guys can correct bugs. If you think it was something other than the switch to that was causing the problem then I’ll try again and see if the problem recurs.

SGPro is crashing while trying to access some piece of hardware to access info to jam into the FITS header. If it keeps happening, I can provide you with a special build that shows more info on the last piece of hardware SGPro attempted to speak with.

Thanks Ken. Since it hasn’t happened before, and obviously corrected after I reinstalled, it doesn’t seem worth a lot of effort on your part. Also, I’m in the process of switching to a new laptop so I’m setting up my system anew. I’ll see if problems recur on the newly-reconstructed system and if so may as for a build to narrow down the problem.