SGP sequence stalled after switching targets

I was running a sequence this evening and my first target reached its end time and sgp slewed to the second target and and went into the auto-centering routine. The status bar showed “Downloading frame” or something like that but stayed stuck on that for a very long time. Eventually it seemed to time-out and the status bar message changed to something like auto center aborted. After waiting a long time to see if anything else was going to happen, I clicked the Done button on the auto-center dialog.

Log file:

Any idea on why the auto-center stalled? If something bad happened, should SGP have gone into recovery mode or run the end-of-sequence options and not just sit there waiting for user intervention? AFAICT it did not send any notification events either.


From the author of ANSVR… just embarrassing…

[1/13/2016 4:13:17 PM] [DEBUG] [Main Thread] * SETTING: settingAstrometryNetEndpoint =

I cannot reproduce this but, from studying the code I think I may know what the issue is… might be specific to QSI for this bug… A hopeful fix for this will be out in

oh dear, that is embarassing :blush:

thanks Ken!

um, hang on a second … I just went in to the sequence to fix it to point to ansvr, but found that it was already set to

Could this be another issue in Should I send you the .SGF file?


Nah. That’s not stored in the sgf. I just checked and it looks like just a logging error… it is a list of urls that have been used in the past and is apparently logging only the first item in the list. So… it looks like I was giving you a hard time for nothing.